It is officially nesting season for the Macrobert Oystercatchers

It is officially nesting season for the Oystercatchers, who return each year to the living-roof outside the Macrobert office window. There are many who try to remain ambivalent but, most of the team become deeply invested in the wellbeing of both parents and chicks, against their arch nemesis…the gulls! (It really is that dramatic, trust me!) 

When the Oystercatchers begin to nest, it’s a signal that we’re about to head in to Summer, which is full of Creative Activities joy. 

We get started with the launch of Epic Art Challenge – this year themed around Stirling 900 celebrating Stirling’s achievements and history since becoming a Royal Borough in 1124, the perfect opportunity for artists to create work about Stirling past, present and future. 

Young Cast auditions take place, finding some of the most talented young people to join our Panto team, who travel far and wide to be part of our annual festive production. Did you know that rehearsals for our Young Cast begin in the Summer holidays? Yes, as August comes around, we’ll be singing All I Want For Christmas!

Summer is also the time when we get to head out to parks and green spaces across Stirling with our pals from Stirling Council’s Play team for Play In The Park. It’s such a lovely opportunity for us to meet young people and their families, in their place, giving them a wee taste of what Macrobert is. Come rain or shine, we’re there, getting creative…although we definitely prefer it dry!

This is a mere snippet of the fun we’ll be having this Summer, alongside a host of other free and affordable activities – doing what we do best, sharing our love of the arts with as many people as possible. 

Quite frankly I’m full of the joys of Spring pre-Summer!

Allan McIntyre

Creative Activities Manager

View our full programme here.