The Munro Society

Munro Legacy Exhibition

Sat, 23rd September - Sun, 7th JanuarySuitable for all ages | 0 mins

Free Entry

The term ‘Munros’, used to describe Scotland’s mountains of 3,000 feet and over, is well known. Less well-known is how the term came about and the man to whom it applies. This exhibition is presented by the Munro Society and tells the story of Scotland’s mountains as a source of recreation from its 19th Century beginnings to the present day and, in particular, the contribution of the man whose name is used to describe Scotland’s highest mountains.

The exhibition tells the story of Sir Hugh Munro’s life, the birth of the Tables, the growth of completers, the pioneers, the working-class movement, the post-war years, recent times and, of course, the Munro Society. Other subjects included are developments impacting our hills and youth on our hills.
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