Live performance and great cinema should be for everyone

In March 2019, we rolled out a new way of pricing cinema tickets for our regular cinema programme. You Choose: Pick the Price you Pay asks people to make the choice about what you can afford to pay for your ticket with three options available.

The You Choose model was tested during the Central Scotland Documentary Festival, which is curated and presented by Macrobert Arts Centre, and received lots of positive feedback from Festival audiences, directors and distributors.

The new pricing structure applies every day of the week and covers all films in the regular film. It was so successful that we have now carried it forward into other elements of our programme - Live Performance, Event Cinema and Creative Activities. 

How do I know what to pay?
But if I choose to pay more I couldn’t afford to come as frequently
What’s the point in my paying more?
Won’t people take advantage?
Are the lower prices concession rates? Do I qualify?
I think I could afford to pay more, I just don’t want to.
Why don’t you just stick to ordinary pricing?